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We’re experts in tax, accounting and cash flow management…

(so you don’t have to be)

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What we do…

We provide space to unpack challenges and partner with you to build goals, to evaluate your accounting and tax requirements. We hold you accountable in creating the financial life you imagined when you went into business. When we achieve this together, you gain massive freedom away from the stress and shame that is so frequently attached to money and taxes. We will also complete your tax return filings with ease, now that you've transformed your relationship with your inner boss.

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Who we are…

Hi! My name is Jacquelene Bishop. I'm a CPA with an MST in Tax since 2011. I've been helping businesses solve problems in accounting and tax since 2005. My experience is expansive, dynamic and committed to the CPA profession. I take great pride and joy in helping my client unlock their truest wealth.


What we believe…

Accounting, taxes and money can be a source of power vs. stress. They can be a point of information vs. a measurement of self-worth.

We know you and your business are worth it.

We believe access to financial empowerment needs radical change. When we fill our own cup first, we can change the world, one bank account at a time.


Is your business creating the impact you dream it to? Do you know your scoreboard? We can help.