How Can You Work with BP?

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advisory services

Advisory work includes curious inquiry, evaluative presentations, and expert recommendations. We have your back, we own the process.

Coaching work will help you re-frame the way you think of money and how you manage it. We know, you know you best, we guide the process.

In both spaces, together, we will make space to unpack issues and set intention with Balanced Practice by:

  • Creating stronger organizational systems and financial development

  • Developing processes and rituals for money management

  • Reshaping your money mindset, stories, processes

  • Receiving clarity on research questions, including, tax review, planning and process development

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tax compliance

  • Annual Income Tax Filings for any entity type

  • C or S Corporations, LLCs, Partnerships, Individuals and Trusts

  • Estimated Tax Payments and Tax Projections

  • State and Local Tax Compliance such as Delaware Annual Franchise Taxes, Secretary of State Filings, or other Regulatory Filings

  • State Nexus Review (i.e. Is a tax return filing necessary in that state?)

  • Sales & Use Tax Compliance and Review

  • Tax Authority Representation & Notice Review

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accounting services

  • System Review, Design & Implementation

  • Evaluate the specific needs of your business and decide which process and/or tools will work best for your team

  • Monthly, quarterly, or Annual Reviews

  • Internal Training to use and maintain your accounting system

  • Bookkeeping Service Referrals

  • Sales Tax Review and Filing Management

Upon our initial consultation, we will recommend a service that suits your business best in our network

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